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Born in Death, Book One
ISBN#: 978-1-62300-808-6
20 May 2014
Loose ID, LLC
319 pages
Vampire, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Morgan Cross was rescued and adopted as a young child and knows nothing of her background, or power over the dead. In her youth she spent a few years in a psych ward—after an incident with a cemetery and claims of zombies. Nowadays she has to deal with finding work, receiving disturbing gifts of reanimated body parts from a stalker, and her only solace is the anonymous tips she leaves for the local police concerning unsolved murders—after she talks with the victims. She will have to learn to control her powers and avoid the plans her stalker has for her. Oh yeah, and deal with the almost feverish desire growing between her and Bastion.

Bastian Hale, zombie, necromancer, and cop, called abomination by other necromancers, his only companions have been his brothers. While questioning Morgan he ends up interrupting her kidnapping—rescuing her from Ronan. The rescue will lead to him learning her true identity, including that she has a lot of untrained power, was actually his informant for unsolved murder cases, and that she might be the only woman that he cannot live without. While teaching her how to use her necromantic powers he will have to keep her safe from his father’s scheming and heinous plans for her body, and possible betrayals from unexpected sources. His intense attraction to Morgan will have him rethinking letting someone else into his heart besides his brothers.

After being alone most of her life Morgan seems to be quite popular these days. A powerful necromancer wants her body to bring back his lost love, regardless if she is willing and he is ready to use anything to get what he wants, including murder and torture. On the other hand an uber sexy man claiming to be a necromancer also seems to be drawn to her—though he cannot seem to decide on attraction or dislike. Working together Morgan and Bastion might be enough to defeat the evil necromancer, Ronan, but first they will have to Work through their trust issues and come to terms with the intense desire growing between them. Will they be in time? Or will they let old prejudices tear them apart?

This is a good start to a new series starring a combo I had never read before, (a half zombie/half necromancer) and set in a new fascinating world peopled with the familiar with their own unique twists. Bastion was not the only star in this book being the necro/zombie. Morgan was a great character in her own right with her unique necromantic powers and strong personality. Despite the heady sexual tension between Morgan and Bastion there are still scenes of horror and magic mixed into the story keeping it firmly from being too romantic. I enjoyed all of the players in this story and felt some sort of empathy for most of them, even pitying Ronan though he was a disgustingly evil, evil guy. In short, I really like this story and would recommend it to other fans of the genre who do not mind a bit of romance to go with their horror.

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