Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #9781595789563
August 2012
Liquid Silver Books
217 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Eva is a IT technician for Hathaway Pharmaceuticals. She is attractive and very independent. Her job is her way out of her adoptive parents’ home and she intends to stay away from her father’s less than loving home.

Ben Hathaway is the CEO of Hathaway and severely agoraphobic. He even lives in an apartment at the top of corporate headquarters. He is also handsome and charismatic.

Eva is very good at her job and is the obvious choice to fill in for her boss when he must take some time off. Her first encounter with the intimidating CEO, Ben Hathaway, should have cowed her, but she stands up for herself and ends up working closely with the sexy and reclusive executive. Ben has some secrets in his past and a brother who will stop at nothing to ruin his life.

Ms. Adams has written a story full of romance and suspense. Both Ben and Eva have issues with members of their family and different ways of coping. Eva seems to have a healthier way of coping with her issues, but Ben’s brother is truly evil. Richard gave me the chills each time he made an appearance in the story. The subplot regarding embezzlement, and Ben and Eva’s investigation into the problem, was almost as intriguing. The characters in this story are vividly drawn, most likable, and the plot flows smoothly, making it difficult to put down. I found the premise of an agoraphobic man at the head of a major corporation intriguing, and Eva is the perfect person to bring him around.

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