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ISBN#: 978-0615510729
December 2010/July 2011
Solstice Publishing/Dancing With Bear Publishing
258 Pages
Historical Interracial Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Carrie Anne Robertson has lost her whole family to war and sickness and now she lives on her own in a cottage far from society. By the age of nineteen she is alone, working from the cottage to survive, and expecting that she would never marry nor have children.

Noah Mosley, a mulatto, escaped slavery and was taken in by the Osage tribe where he learned the ways of their people. His horse, scared by a mountain lion, creates an accident and he breaks his leg. Now he is crawling toward a cottage in hope of getting help.

When Carrie finds Noah helpless and in need of medical attention she begins to minister to him as best as she can hoping that she has not made a mistake in helping him. Over time, Carrie and Noah find themselves falling for each other, even though it is a dangerous time for two different races to think about being in a relationship. But their passion overwhelms them and they find themselves unable to keep their hands off each other. Can Carrie and Noah overcome their different upbringings, as well as, the hardship both will experience to find the love they have to offer each other?

Cross the Line is a beautifully told story full of enriching details, heartbreaking moments, and historic details that have the reader feeling as if they can scent the smell of gunpowder and blood. Ms. McGaha brings soulfulness and heart into the mix with the unbelievable obstacles that Carrie goes through as she struggles to survive by herself and after meeting Noah. My heartstrings were tugged quite a few times, especially when Carrie had to find the will to take care of herself after Noah left the second time. I absolutely loved how the ending of the novel tied a few of the different characters together, giving this reader a feeling of completion and satisfaction. What an amazing novel this is, full of battle, passion, love, suffering, and an unbelievable strength from one woman determined to survive no matter what the cost.

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