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Love At Stake Series

Book 1: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Book 2: Vamps and the City
Book 2.4: Sugarplums and Scandal
Book 2.5: A Very Vampy Christmas
Book 3: Be Still My Vampire Heart
Book 4: The Undead Next Door
Book 5: All I want for Christmas is a Vampire
Book 6: Secret Life of a Vampire
Book 7: Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
Book 8: The Vampire and the Virgin
Book 9: Eat Prey Love
Book 10: Vampire Mine
Book 11: Sexiest Vampire Alive
Book 12: Wanted: Undead or Alive
Book 13: Wild About You
Book 14: The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo
Book 15: How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)
Book 16: Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire

Love at Stake Series, Book 16
ISBN#: 9780062107770
January 2015
$7.99 US / $9.99 CAN
370 Pages
Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

His entire undead life Russell Hankelburg has had one mission, killing Master Han. Han cost him everything: family, friends, even his life, so Russell will not stop until Han is banished to hell.

Tiger Town’s expectations for their princess do not necessarily coincide with Jia’s plans. Until the day she can destroy the vampire who butchered her mother and father, Jia will not rest. Even if it takes all of her nine lives.

Hunting Han consumes Russell, which in his mind is his only reason for existing. So when Jia pushes her way into his hunt, Russell ineffectually refuses her help. Keeping his cool around the beautiful were-tiger is throwing Russell completely off his game, yet he is unable to send her away. Jia thrives in Russell’s company, knowing deep down that this man is far more than he gives himself credit for. Killing Han is the only way Russell and Jia can save thousands of lives, but it may cost them more than they can possibly imagine.

There is a kind of quirky playfulness between Jia and Russell that I find very appealing. Even when they are facing the obligatory demons and rogue vampires, they still carry on like an old married couple. What I find odd and slightly outrageous is the eclectic mix of old-world, contemporary, and paranormal. Jia and Russell almost feel normal in this melee of characters, which thankfully anchors the whole story line.

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