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ISBN#: 9780062018960
October 26, 2010
Avon Books-An Imprint of Harper Collins
386 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Ellysetta Baristani is a woman of uncommon power who has magical abilities -- only one of which includes the ability to heal others. She is the mate and wife of the Fey King of the Fading Lands, Rainier vel’En Daris, otherwise known as Rain Tairen Soul.

Rainier vel’En Daris is Fey and a shapeshifter. He can shift into a type of winged cat called a tairen. He loves Ellysetta very much and will do anything to protect her from the harm that the lord high mage, Vadim Maur, wants to do her in order to get her power.

Vadim Maur is the high mage of Eld. He is determined to gain control of Ellysetta’s powers by taking over her soul.

While Rain and Ellysetta are visiting the human-inhabited Celieria, all hell breaks loose in the form of mage-influenced individuals. While Rain and Ellysetta, as well as the king of Celieria, have been concerned of just such a thing happening, they have no idea of how entrenched within the kingdom the mages have managed to get. By the time they find out, it is too late. The king of Celieria is murdered by one who is mage-influenced and who in turn sets something into motion that could cause not only the downfall of Celieria but the Fading Lands, its king and queen, and Rain and Ellysetta as well. Rain and Ellysetta and their group of Fey, humans, and tairens are the only thing standing between the mages of Eld and total destruction. Added to this, the lord high mage Vadim Maur has managed to come very close to controlling Ellysetta’s soul, which already has four mage marks on her breast. Two more means she and her magic would be completely under Vadim’s control, and he will do anything to gain control of Ellysetta’s soul. If this happens, Ellysetta could bring about the destruction of all she loves and holds dear just as the prophecy that describes her life foretells. Will Ellysetta be strong enough to overcome the darkness that is seeking the destruction of her and all she holds close to her heart? Will Rain, Ellysetta and their allies be able to overcome the spells woven by the dark mage and his minions meant to turn friends against each other? Will she and Rain be able to complete their bond? Or will Vadim and his minions win and cause darkness to rein forever?

Crown of Crystal Flame is fantasy romance at its very best! Quite simply, this book has everything that makes a romance novel great. It has sweeping visual vistas, beautiful scenery, excellent world building, great tragedy, and deep sorrow, as well as, great and true love. The descriptions of Eld, the Fading Lands and even Celieria are so lush and descriptive that the reader feels as though she is right there with Rain, Ellysetta and all their friends and enemies. The bad guys are really evil with no redeeming qualities to speak of, which is how I like my bad guys. The love between Rain and Ellysetta is so strong and powerful that it made this reader’s heart beat fast. I was so caught up in this story it was very difficult to put it down when I had to go to bed at night. My only regret is that I had not read the four books preceeding this one that set the stage for the series. Even though I know the final outcome now, I intend to get those books so I can see how everything unfolded. I highly recommend Crown of Crystal Flame. If you are a fantasy and or romance lover, you do not want to miss this one!

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