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Paul Jacobson Geezer Lit Mystery

Book 1: Retirement Homes are Murder
Book 2: Living with Your Kids is Murder
Book 3: Senior Moments are Murder
Book 4: Cruising in your Eighties is Murder
Book 5: Care Homes are Murder
Book 6: Nursing Homes are Murder

Paul Jacobson Geezer Lit Mystery, Book 4
ISBN #: 9780373268993
June 2014 (previously published in 2012)
Worldwide Mystery
Mass Market Paperback
$ 7.99
282 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Paul Jacobson is in his eighties. He is in good health, a bit cranky, and cannot remember the previous day. Despite this handicap, he manages.

Marion is a very attractive and understanding senior. She is Paul’s new bride and is looking forward to their honeymoon cruise.

Each day is brand new for the memory-impaired octogenarian, Paul. He has to write a journal of what happens every day to assist him in the next one. He and his wife, Marion, are going on an Alaskan cruise for their honeymoon, but things go awry quickly. A homeless man Paul is seen arguing with is found dead in Seattle, but that is only a prelude to the mayhem Paul encounters on the cruise ship.

Paul’s story is kind of a combination of 50 First Dates, Miss Marple, and Grumpy Old Men. Paul is a likable character despite his cantankerous demeanor, and Marion is a saint. The plot is full of interesting and bizarre characters and exciting situations, and I found it very entertaining if a bit implausible at times, but the implausibility is all part of the fun.

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