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Dark Regulators #1
ISBN# 978-62798-727-1
June 11, 2014
Dreamspinner Press
106 pages
Paranormal, Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

After their last case together, Avi Grissom disappeared. Now he is back and Jakob wants to know what happened. Easier said than done when they are thrown straight back into the thick of supernatural crime-fighting. Trusting your life to a man who walked away without a word is one thing, but can you trust your heart?

When he lost control, Avi ran to the only one he thought could help him; his maker. But he actually ran away from the only one who would. Now he has found his way home, a shadow of the vampire he was.

Sorting out their relationship and Avi's control issues is the least of their problems when a very dead and skinned body starts rampaging through headquarters, and mysterious things start happening at the graveyard they both know well.

The Dark Regulators is a new and fascinating series, moving away form the normal paranormal crime-fighting, it starts with a twist and can only go up from there. The characters are alive, even the dead ones, exciting and passionate about what they do, good and bad. I cannot wait to find out who and what is being regulated next.

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