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ISBN# 978-1-77233-649-8
December 26, 2015
Ever Night Publishing
98 Pages
Contemporary, BDSM, Erotic, MC Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Josslyn has grown up in the MC world after her father kidnapped her when she was three years old and kept her from her mother until the age of 20. Josslyn’s world was filled with violence, sex, and murder; a life she swore she wanted nothing to do with once she found out she was pregnant with her son. Upon learning she was pregnant, her own father threw money at her for an abortion and the father of her baby did nothing to suggest he disagreed with her father’s order. She walked away from the MC life to protect herself and her unborn child.

Tank has been lost since Josslyn walked out of his life more than three years ago. He uses sex as a way to cope with his want for Josslyn, sleeping with multiple women without making any type of commitment or promise to the women. He is a Sargent at Arms in an MC that is a rival of Josslyn’s father’s MC.

Tank and Josslyn are brought back together when Josslyn’s son is kidnapped from the day care center by someone who was pretending to be Tank. The only reason Josslyn’s son would have been kidnapped is because of the MC rivalry. When Tank learns that Josslyn did not have an abortion his world is completely turned upside down and he immediately feels very protective of the child.

Both Josslyn and Tank were fairly easy to relate to; their backgrounds were well explained and their reactions to the situation was believable. Tank’s focus, when not on the MC rivalry, is on sex – the kinkier the better. There were several other characters mentioned that were likely part of the first two books in this series; however, this book can be read as a standalone. This book is pretty short, easily finished in one sitting. The conclusion of the reason for the kidnapping seemed to occur very quickly. There was closure to the situation although it seemed rushed.

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