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Dragon’s Legacy Book 1
ISBN #: 9781607671046
June 2010
Tease Publishing LLC
110 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

A Demon’s curse lifetimes ago causes Gabriel to agonizingly change into a huge, black, fire-breathing dragon with every sunrise and then painfully back to a man every sunset.

Alayia is powerless to save her beloved brother, Robert, from the black dragon that descended unexpectedly upon them in the field. Forced to flee her home, she vows that Robert’s death will be avenged.

Coincidentally, Alayia and Gabriel meet late that evening at a tavern in a nearby town. Instantly attracted, the pair talk the night away. Near dawn, Gabriel leaves. Evil men attempt to capture Alayia but she is rescued by a stranger named Talon. Thus starts the adventure as Alayia begins a journey of discovery, mystery, and magic. Old prophecies align to shape future events and, with guidance from unexpected allies, Alayia strives to break the Curse of Innok.

I enjoyed this fantasy adventure novel. The major characters were unique and easily identifiable. I liked the verbal sparring and light teasing between Gabriel, Talon and Alayia. A few times I felt the transitions were rough or slightly out of kilter and occasionally, the motivations for certain actions or decisions seemed rather flimsy. Overall, I thought the pacing was about right, and I found the conclusion particularly satisfying. I look forward to the next book in this series, which I hope will focus primarily on Talon.

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