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Boston Avant-Garde Series

Book 1: Strung Out
Book 2: Crescendo
Book 3: Impetuous
Book 4: Encore
Book 5: Bellicoso
Book 6: Chiaroscuro
Book 7: Da Capo Al Fine

Boston Avant-Garde, Book 7
ISBN#: 9781623008826
April 7, 2015
Loose Id, LLC
206 Pages
BDSM, Contemporary, Femdomme
Rating: 4 Cups

With the Russian mob as part of her family, Katya Alkaev makes sure to live a very quiet life. The sexual satisfaction of having a submissive no longer even appeals because she will not risk it leading to more.

John Loredo, who is a tough and successful MMA fighter, wants nothing more than to give himself over to a woman. One who can transform pain into the most exquisite pleasure is what he longs for more than anything.

Katya has no intention of opening herself up to a man like Loredo, who makes her want more of…just everything. His strength and honesty are addictive, but it is his submission that is so irresistible. Loredo is ready to hand himself over to Katya mind, body, and soul, even though he can feel her trying to pull back. For the first time ever he feels like he belongs, and he will do whatever it takes for Katya to know she is who he belongs to.

Loredo is a mountain of a man, not only his physique, but his heart as well. He knows what he needs to feel whole, even if he is not quite sure how to go about getting it. Katya holds the key, and it is an amazing transformation when she gives him everything he needs so desperately. This author builds such an incredibly powerful bond between her characters you feel connected to them from the very first page.

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