Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781607670308
February 2009
Tease Publishing, LLC
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Annie has an opportunity that few receive. Through her talented children, she can revisit her teenager rock star god, Mick. Her father was once her dealer, and after being left alone with a god, she became his enthusiastic lover; leaving behind her first love.

Mick is a rock star who has always remembered little Annie and often wondered wistfully how he let her get away. Now he wants her back, even if it means stealing her from another man. Her husband and first love is the man she chose to marry when he stood beside her during a difficult period of her life, but is his love and support enough to keep her.

Annie starts out sure that her marriage is over; especially if she can have Mick back. Her children are grown and on their way, and now just may be the time for her to have what she thought she had always missed. But did she really miss anything and is the gamble worth giving up the man who has loved her for so long?

Daddy Left Me Alone With God is all about getting a second chance and the choices we would make if we had it to do all over again. I enjoyed the character of Annie because she was never portrayed as a perfect woman but as woman with all the flaws of a real woman. The road trip from hell made the story so funny, sad, and poignant, depicting the end of an era and the beginning of the next. Well worth the read; I would recommend that everyone make it least one visit to the world of Robin Slick.

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