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ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3139-0, 10: 0-7582-3139-3
August 2010
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Trade Paperback
416 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

If you would have told her 15 years ago she would be working with a secret government agency, Dr. Olivia Corrigan would have laughed in disbelief, but she is not laughing now. All of the time and energy poured into Ice Harvest is slowly but surely starting to pan out, but the cost of this endeavor may be more than anyone could ever envision.

Getting in and getting out undetected and virtually unaided is just part of the job for Dragon 1, but there are days when Sebastian Fontenòt wishes he was doing something else. Singapore not only left a bad taste in his mouth, it almost saw him dead, but this mission is sizing up to be even worse, because this time it is personal.

All of those years ago when Olivia walked away from the only man who ever held her heart, she felt it was her only option, but times have changed, and she is no longer that naïve and spoiled child. Sebastian never forgot, nor did he ever really heal from losing the love of his life, but he understood her need for answers. Her never-ending quest to uncover truths and unquenchable curiosity are still as prevalent as ever, and so is Sebastian’s attraction to her. This dig, however, is turning out to be much more than a hunt for ancient relics; it is very quickly and viciously turning into an all-out war with a madwoman bent on revenge against the world.

The range of this novel is astounding and all encompassing, not only geographically, but technically, physically, and emotionally as well. The characters, their actions, and feelings are very well done for the reader considering the magnitude of scientific, political, and military entities involved. There is so much action involving multiple characters throughout this book that I feel calling this a suspense novel would be a much more apt description. There is romance though, and it is almost like an added treat to an already pulse pounding read.

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