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ISBN #: 978-1-60313-567-2 / 978-1-60313-568-9
October 2009
Whiskey Creek Press
PO Box 51052 Casper, WY 82605-1052
Trade Paperback/E-Book
$14.95-Print/ $6.99-eBook
133 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Celine and her brother, Hunter, were raised in the Network after the death of their parents. Neither one had a choice. Celine is a brilliant doctor and researcher, but feels like she is living in a cage with no chance at happiness, especially since Angelo has rejected her.

Angelo is one of the most senior members of the Network and is known as The Immortal, due to his youthful looks. Thirty years ago he watched as his wife and two children were blown up in the family van. This ended his career as a CIA agent and is the reason, or one of the reasons, he uses for rejecting Celine’s love.

A serious suicide attempt by Celine shakes Angelo’s resolve to hold himself aloof from the beautiful young doctor. All she ever wanted was his love, and he was unable to give it to her. She acts out in self destructive ways leading to the suicide attempt. Despite an enemy’s threats upon his life, he goes with her on a vacation that both of them need. The vacation turns out to be way more exciting than either expects.

The two main characters in this story are vividly written with their fair share of human flaws and more. Celine is trapped in a life she never chose and in love with a man who tortures her with mixed signals. The gifts he gives her over the years are a prime example, and I cannot fault her for believing he is interested. The suicide attempt and its aftermath are described very well and with accurate details. The rest of the story is full of romance, hope and a great deal of excitement and suspense. This is an excellent addition to a very good series.

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