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ISBN#: 978-1-936000-32-6
August 2009
Desert Breeze Publishing
130 pages
Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Elaine Cooper, Laney, finds it hard to get over the death of her fiancé, Sam. She practically lives as a hermit with her little dog, Baby, not wishing to get in an automobile again.

Bojan Trajkovski, Boki, has just taken the business from his uncle, who returned to his home country. When he is short of drivers, for Little Italy, he is the one to take Laney her dinner order.

After placing an Italian order, Laney questions why the delivery is taking so long. A year anniversary of her fiancé's death, she has planned a farewell dinner to him, but the order is late. When he finally arrives, it is not the same delivery guy but someone that Laney takes a liking to. Boki does not speak English well but enough for Laney to understand. Things begin slowly with them at the first, since Laney is afraid she is hurting Sam’s memory, but once she gets past that first move, their relationship buds. With someone keeping a close watch on Laney, and her new friend, it is only a matter of time before their relationship is threatened. Will Laney end up in a grave alongside Sam, or will Boki be able to rescue her from any danger?

Michelle Sutton immediately drew me in with this delightful story. I could relate to Laney and understand the mourning she was putting herself through. An exhilarating read, yet entertaining, this reader felt it carried a superb plot and storyline. I adored the refreshing characters of Laney and Boki. Both have emotions that the reader can get a sensation for and share. Boki definitely seems sincere, and Laney, with all the events that she has struggled with in her life, is painted a convincing player that this reader found fascinating.

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