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Long Tall Texans Series

Book 1: Calhoun
Book 2: Justin
Book 3: Tyler
Book 4: Sutton’s Way
Book 5: Ethan
Book 6: Connal
Book 7: Harden
Book 8: Evan
Book 9: Donavan
Book 10: Emmet
Book 11: Regan’s Pride
Book 12: That Burke Man
Book 13: “Redbird” Abduction and Seduction
Book 14: Coltrain’s Proposal
Book 15: “Paper Husband”-Husband on Horseback
Book 16: A Long Tall Texan Summer
Book 17: “Christmas Cowboy”- Lone Star Christmas
Book 18: Beloved
Book 19: Callaghan’s Bride
Book 20: Love with a Long, Tall Texan
Book 21: Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon
Book 22: A Man of Means
Book 23: Lionhearted
Book 24: Man in Control
Book 25: The Founding Father”-A Hero’s Kiss
Book 26: Cattleman’s Pride
Book 27: Carrera’s Bride
Book 28: Boss Man
Book 29: Heartbreaker
Book 30: Winter Roses
Book 31: Iron Cowboy
Book 32: Heart of Stone
Book 33: The Maverick
Book 34: Tough to Tame
Book 35: Dangerous
Book 36: Merciless
Book 37: True Blue

ISBN- 13:9780373774593
June 2010
HQN Books
$24.95 US/ $27.95 CAN
320 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Winona Sinclair--Winnie to her friends and family--was born into money, but holding a full-time job as an emergency dispatcher is what makes her rich. Winnie’s life has not been easy. Her mother deserted her and her brothers when they were young, but it was Winnie’s father who left scars; physical and emotional, on his only daughter.

McKuen Kilraven, "Kilraven", seems to be a cold, ruthless man. Seeing the bodies of his murdered wife and daughter has Kilraven hell-bent on revenge. He may be a Federal agent, but finding the man who killed his family is his only mission. Falling in love is not an option.

Winnie has a special gift of knowing when someone is in trouble. Kilraven was in that position, and she sent back-up without him asking for it. He is attracted to her, but Winnie is special. She is not a woman a man beds and leaves. Kilraven is trying to respect that. When the clues concerning his family’s murder begin to connect, Kilraven is forced to ask Winnie to walk the dangerous path with him…straight through the fire. Justice will be served, but will the wounds heal?

I have been a fan of Ms. Palmer’s for quite awhile now, so I was tickled pink when this book landed on my desk. She makes it so easy for a reader to shut out the world and become absorbed by the pages of her books, and Dangerous is no different. The reader is getting a Texas lawman with a chip on his shoulder and a sweet, yet resilient woman who is able to knock the chip off. I did need a box of tissues as Kilraven dealt with the murder of his little girl, but I also laughed along with the characters as they went about their lives. With personable characters, drama and romance, you would be missing a real treat if you bypassed this book.

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