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September 1, 2014
Soul Mate Publishing
$ 2.99
254 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Despite an aristocracy which devalues the intellect of women, Lady Georgiana Hayden is a scholar, albeit a secret one. Her desire to translate the works of the female poets of ancient Greece puts her once more in the path of Sir Andrew Mallett, a man she once loved. His sudden departure from her life years ago was hurtful, but he is the only one who can help her in her work. Lady Georgiana is determined that she will have his help now that he has returned. At all costs.

Driven to the battlefields of France years ago by the Hayden family for his relationship with their eldest daughter, Andrew has returned with debilitating wounds. He knows Georgiana’s family will unleash the force of its might against him if they become aware he has reconnected with her, but in such close confines, Andrew can only be surly toward the woman he has loved for so long.

Even with the dangers surrounding the work and Andrew’s physical limitations, he and Georgiana craft a brilliant work from her collection of poems. But once the poems are published, they face not only the wrath of their fellow scholars and the Haydens, but also the true nature of their feelings for one another. They must make a choice: defy family and society, or part ways forever.

I have to be honest, I found it difficult to rate this book. On the one hand, the pace was quite slow, the desire-masquerading-as-animosity theme too prolonged, and the actions of the characters sometimes confusing. For example, Lady Georgiana portrays all the classic traits of a strong-willed woman, yet in the face of her aristocratic parents she reverts to uncharacteristic helplessness. On the other hand, the historical references were spot on, and the use of ancient Greek poetry in the plot, and as a mechanism for character development, was inspired. In the end, I was glad I persisted in reading through to the conclusion, despite the reservations I had.

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