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ISBN#: 1-59596-166-6
Changeling Press, LLC
Rating: 4 Cups

Darien, a City Guard, has just been handed the assignment of a lifetime, or so he thinks. His job is to thin out rogue vampires who are feeding on humans, and / or killing them. Desperately lonely since his lover left him, he spends most - if not all - of his time on the job.

Adyn is a tame vampire, or so the world thinks. Tame vampires are ones who have not drunk from a human in at least ten years, and he is also the brother of Darien’s commander.

When Commander Yanof requests that Darien watch over her brother for a weekend so she can go away, Darien sees it as a possible opportunity to move up the chain of command. However, he finds Adyn will do anything at all possible to cause him to fail. Disrespectful and unrepentant, Adyn is more like the rogue vampires than Darien thinks at first, and he finds himself in the position of having to make a choice between his career and a possible relationship with Adyn, to whom he is very attracted.

I found this story utterly delightful. Riddled with suspense and emotional tension, I could not put it down. While the setting is fantasy, it was written with plenty of realism and creative world building such that I was convinced it could be a real place populated by real people. The paranormal elements were genuine and made for enjoyable reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance with a zing!

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