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ISBN# 978-1-60592-090-0
March 2010
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC
117 Pages
Paranormal Male/Male
Rating: 5 cups

Eljin is an elf, and a very special type of elf at that. In Eljin’s world, it is the men of the royal house that become pregnant and carry the babies. Eljin has been captured by a covert American organization for just that ability.

Zack Banning is former special ops but he has since been decommissioned due to a head injury. He has been having dreams about a small blond man with blue eyes, but he does not know what it means.

When Zack leaves a bar one night and discovers a small man being attacked by two men, he knows he cannot leave him without helping. However, he gets more than he bargains for with the man called Eljin. Eljin clearly wants to stay with him, but Zack is straight and while he finds himself attracted to a man for the first time in his life, he is not too keen on the idea at first. Still, he wants to help and offers to let Eljin stay for one night. There is only one problem, the men who are hunting Eljin are now also hunting Zack, and when Eljin says they mean to kill Zack, he is not sure what to believe. Desperate to get away, Zack takes Eljin and goes on a high-speed chase to his former commander’s cabin. It is there that Eljin spills the beans about who he is and that he is pregnant with Zack’s child. To say that Zack is surprised would be an understatement, but he quickly rallies and it is not long before he finds himself as emotionally attached to Eljin as Eljin is to him. However, the men chasing them are not going to give up, and getting Eljin to safety becomes Zack’s priority. Will they make it to the other side of the veil and safety, or will Zack and Eljin become separated?

Woo hoo! Ms. Glenn has done it again! While I adore all of Ms. Glenn’s books, this has to be one of my favorites to date. The world building in this one is incredible, and I loved the idea of men being the ones who have the babies. Zack as the totally confused heterosexual tough guy really had me cracking up in a few places; his incredulity with the whole idea of Eljin being pregnant and how that worked was pretty funny. I also really liked the fact that even though he was pregnant, Eljin is no pansy and could hold his own in a fight when he had to. When Zack finally succumbs to Eljin’s allure, the sex is positively combustible and makes this a truly emotional read. I can’t wait for the sequel about Eljin’s cousin, and am really looking forward to it. If you haven’t read Stormy Glenn before, you have not lived. I highly recommend her.

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