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Blood Canticles

Book 1: Blood Witch
Book 2: Dark Days

Blood Canticles, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781772337068
March 2016
Evernight Publishing
184 Pages
Paramornal, Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Lesbian
Rating: 2 Cups

Lola Guntram is a blood witch and the lover of Tristesse, a demon otherwise known as the demon duchess. She is helping a cop to track down a rogue witch and the last vampire created by a demon that she and Tristesse were able to capture and prevent from causing more problems.

Tristesse is a demon who left her realm to escape a demon prince she does not want to be married to. She has many secrets and shares very few of them with her lover Lola.

Lola's client list is drying up due to the fact she has to spend so many hours searching for a rogue witch and her cohort. Tristesse helps her and her friends to a degree, but Lola knows she is keeping secrets from her, and that worries Lola, even though she knows keeping ties on a demon is impossible. When rumors of a large animal start appearing and Lola herself begins seeing the animal, and then when she starts hearing the animal around her house, she begins to become very worried. What is this new animal and what will it do to her or anyone else for that matter. Little does she know it is not she the animal is after but someone close to her. Will Tristesse tell Lola what is really going on, or will she keep Lola in the dark? How do all these events fit together and can Lola and her friends stop the chaos before she not only loses another friend, but her lover as well?

I really wanted to like this book, in fact I read through parts of it more than once trying to like it. Unfortunately, I found I just could not. While I love suspense, and darker storylines as much as the next person, if there is not some light to shine into the darkness of this type of storyline, it makes it difficult to see where there is anything good to come of the storyline. Couple this issue with the fact that the story ends in a major cliff hanger, and I just could not like this book. The story itself is well written, and the world building is very good, but without even a glimmer of light through most of the story I just could not enjoy it as much as I would have had it been there. Also, there is just too little about Tristesse, her character could stand to be fleshed out a bit more. I kept waiting for the punch line, for something positive to happen, and it just didn't. Darker storylines are fine, but without the possibility of the light or some saving grace the reader is left feeling disappointed and cheated.

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