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ISBN#: 9781940550008
December 21, 2014
Tempted Romance
Trade Paperback
240 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Wicked Wife

With the circumstance surrounding the death of her husband, Berengaria never thought she would find a man willing to love her again.

The mission Andrew Cobalt is on is years in the making, almost a calling.

Being with Andrew is nothing like Aria’s first marriage. The excitement and passion is amazing, yet there is a darkness Aria cannot ignore.

Andrew sees things in black or white, which leads to a dangerous and thrilling discovery for Aria, and makes for one very gripping story.

Red House

After hearing confessions all day, Father John Mihalis is more than ready to enjoy a quiet night at home.

Meeting John at the church is not nearly enough for the Englishman.

Arriving home, John is confronted by more than a stranger. He must now face his past.

Regardless of the cloth, men are men, and humanity is integrally flawed. John’s story is just a little reminder of that fact.

Sister Bessie’s Boys

Ever since he was a young boy, Lucas Jackson’s mother made sure he knew where his path led.

Housing young seminary students is Bessie Sample’s way of keeping her husband’s spirit alive.

Living in Bessie’s home, Lucas is given life lessons that he will carry with him forever.

This coming of age story can be construed so many ways, but I like to believe Lucas is made a better man because of his time with Bessie.

Reynold’s Tale

Having glimpsed the man’s sorrowful eyes, Reynold feels the need to do something.

There is very little difference between genius and madness in Poe’s mind.

As much as Reynold wants to help, he has never encountered a man like Poe. He just knows he must try.

Intelligence and creativity often come with a price, especially in a society that shuns anything they cannot or will not understand.

The Dracula Club

Transylvania holds a mystique that a young Goth girl from Ohio is eagerly ready to explore.

Tourists are easy to spot, but Dragos and Bela find this one to be something else entirely.

Leaving home was like shedding a skin she never fit into. Now with Dragos and Bela by her side, her real life can finally begin.

This story is scary and dangerous, but thrilling none the less.


How she came to be in an insane asylum, Madeleine Chancery can only guess.

The perfect test subject is right in Dr. Charles Thorncraft’s hands, and he will not allow anyone to stand in his way, not even his brother James.

Madeleine’s first thought is how she is going to escape, and to do that she will need to be very cunning. Having James on her side is definitely going to help.

The plot twists in this story are wonderful, and would make an amazing full length novel.

Lightening In A Bottle

There is very little a young woman like Rebecca can do on her own, but giving herself to a man of her choosing is one she will not relinquish.

Metal and gears may make up his physique, yet there is something very different about Augustus.

Her uncle would sell her off for some bits of machinery, but Rebecca has other ideas; one which mainly involves what is waiting below.

If more steampunk stories had this kind of heat, I can only imagine how much better they would be.

The Wildest Spirit

Coyote deaths are mounting, and he intends to stop the killer no matter what it takes.

The university policewoman is doing what she can to track whoever is violating her land.

Rage comes over him every time he thinks of how these animals died. The only thing that settles him is her presence, and an innate feeling of connection to her he is unable to explain.

I would love to explore this couple’s relationship to a much fuller extent. They are mysterious, sexy, and dangerous, and make you want to just keep reading.

Blood Soup

With his knives Jasper Roux can do extraordinary things.

Very rarely ever leaving his home, Hugh Echo takes great pleasure in the plates his chef serves up.

Tonight’s meal is so extraordinary Hugh must meet his chef in person. It turns into something neither of them is ready for.

There is a mystery here that leaves you wanting to know so much more.

The Alchemist’s Daughter

Watching her father wasting away is harder for Elizabeth than her own illness.

Getting caught up in his friend’s taunts, Samuel now wants to make things right.

All of the potions and elixirs her father comes up with are not helping Elizabeth’s health. What they both need right now is food, but all she can think about is Samuel, and what it would be like to have someone like him touch her.

This is a fascinating tale that is sad, sweet, and just a little wild, which makes for a very interesting finish.

The Hollow in the Black Cliffs

As she watches and waits it becomes obvious that her plans are becoming predictable.

They may not have much, but Eli and his family are happy together.

Desperation is nearly all that is leading her now. She has already chosen Eli. He just needs to accept it.

Much is left unsaid here, which makes this story feel somewhat baffling and unresolved.

Devoured by Envy

The world loves Giselle, the angelic dancer that lights up the stage. Yet what she wants is love from one man.

Dr. Gabriel Blackburn is fascinated by the woman on stage.

Men have come and gone, but none are willing to give Giselle the touch she so desperately needs. Thinking Gabriel could finally be the one, Giselle does all she can to make it happen.

Being put on a pedestal for so long, it is apparent Giselle is heading for a crash when she is denied what she craves so badly.

The Hardest Kiss

Stealing souls for Aithan is slowly destroying Bás.

It is time for Sephie to exact her revenge.

Death would be welcome to Bás, although he knows he will never be allowed that luxury. To Sephie, Bás may be the means to an end, but he does not need to know that.

Bás is not much more than collateral damage, yet his story is sadly poignant.

Zapada Alba

Seeing her body in this state, he knows now is the right moment to take action.

With her alabaster skin and beautiful red lips she is a sight to behold, even in death.

Once the others leave, he makes his move. She will be his and his alone, for all eternity.

Be forewarned: this story skates the edge of propriety with a corpse-like girl, and the man who claims her body.

If you a looking for something a little edgy, sometimes morose, and often sinfully sexy, you will find it here. What I like about these stories is their originality. They are not your cookie-cutter romance or slasher tales. Here you have a fantastic collection of authors who give you captivating characters and unique story lines.

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