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Black Gryffon, Book 1
ISBN(13): 9780758246967, (10) 075824696X
April 2011
Kensington Publishing Corporation
Aphrodisia Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Every generation before him has bore the same weight of responsibility, and it will be no different for Drako Alexandre and his brothers Malek and Talen. They were raised and trained to be guardians of The Secret, and they will go to their graves before ever letting it fall into anyone else’s hands.

Desperation and fear fuels every thought going through Rin Mitchell’s head, but no matter what sacrifices she makes, she is no closer to freeing her sister than she was months ago. Lei was sold as a sex slave by their very own mother, and if Rin cannot come up with the money to buy her back, she is certain she will never see her sister again.

All too quickly, Drako and his brothers are forced to face the inevitable, they need to find wives and father children, or everything their family has protected for generations will be lost. None of them want to give up their freedom or their need to be active in the Dom lifestyle, but Drako has a plan to have the best of both worlds, and Rin is an integral part. At her lowest point Rin was given a choice, and for the rest of her life she will not let herself regret the steps that led her to Drako’s side. Their arrangement is for the best for all concerned, yet neither Drako nor Rin are at all prepared for the price they are about to pay to keep their hearts out of the equation.

Trust is the most integral and fragile component in Rin and Drako’s relationship throughout the pages of this book. That same trust is also the very foundation of the dominant/submissive lifestyle, and for me it is hard to see Rin impose upon those boundaries. The D/s aspect of this story is done mildly, but it adds just one more layer to a book already rife with longing, mystery, and the need to learn more will keep you coming back. More Black Gryffon stories are yet to come, but the results, I am very sure, will be well worth the wait.

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