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ISBN# (10)0061758949 /(13) 9780061758942 and (10) 0061450545/(13)978-0061450549
March 31, 2009
Harper Teen (HarperCollins Publishers)
1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, NY 10019-4703
416 pages
Fiction (Young Adult)
Rating: 4 Cups

Chloe Saunders is fifteen and wants to be a film director. She is surprised to learn there is a boy interested in her but she sees ghosts, and now she is on her way to a group home.

Aunt Lauren is a doctor. She knows Chloe may hate her for dumping her in a home for her own good. If it is just a medical condition, Chloe will be home in no time.

Chloe needs to know if she has ever been in a home with a basement. She continues to see ghosts, often gory. No, she is not crazy and no it is not her imagination. Since her mother’s death, her father is always traveling, so she is stuck with a nanny or a housekeeper. When she begins seeing images and figures of people, who are not there, her Aunt Lauren admits she needs to go to the group home for two weeks. Unfortunately, stranger things happen when she arrives at the home and meets Simon and Derek, foster brothers, who could scare the hair off a person just by their glances. After Chloe finds herself pushed against the wall with bruises, will she make it out of the home alive?

There are two words for this book, very intense. Yes, the bloodcurdling figures of the ghosts Chloe sees, indeed sends chills down my spine, but the fact that someone puts you in a home with people you do not know, is even more frightening. Kelly Armstrong creates an outstanding read in The Summoning. I could not put this book down. The whole time I feared for Chloe. I know there was no bogey man but the story grips and grabs, holding the reader until the conclusion. An awesome read with magnificent characters and Chloe is exceptional, in her storytelling, with reactions that sends shivers in this engrossing spine-tingling tale. I want to read more of this powerful series.

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