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ISBN: 1-59998-077-0
May 9, 2006
Samhain Publishing
186 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

As a CPA, Talia Dane can feel the emotions that others exhibit. To escape those that feel she is different, she works at Strange Days, an occult bookstore where she keeps the books and helps out.

Detective Finn O'Brien is on an important case. After making Talia’s acquaintance when he enters the bookstore, he is quite taken with her. Too bad, he is on a project and needs complete concentration.

Larry is Finn’s partner to locate the missing women.

Talia finds Finn handsome and someone she would love to know better. He breathes sex appeal all over the shop as he does his investigation questions on the missing woman. Cassidy recalls seeing the woman entering a nightclub and informs the detective. However, when Cassidy is the next target; Talia goes to the police. Finn and Larry’s investigation takes them to a nightclub only to have Talia follow, which does not sit well with Finn. The case needs all his attention and getting involved with her is not a good idea. He has no idea how to combine business and pleasure. She needs to let him do his work. Talia assures him she is an empath and can help in the case, which leaves Finn wondering if the woman is mad, or a real physic mind reader.

Dark Heat is a spellbinding page-turner. The character of Talia is delightful the way she emits her emotions. Finn is so dedicated to his job that he shuts off any romantic interests. Ms. Hart weaves a stimulating tale with fast-paced excitement mixed with a twinge of romance and a bit of a paranormal that is thoroughly appealing. She intertwines fireworks between her characters that spring some hot action once their eyes make contact in this absorbing read.

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