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Dark Series
Book 1 Dark Prince
Book 2 Dark Desire
Book 3 Dark Gold
Book 4 Dark Magic
Book 5 Dark Challenge
Book 6 Dark Fire
Book 7 Dark Dream
Book 8 Dark Legend
Book 9 Dark Guardian
Book 10 Dark Symphony
Book 11 Dark Descent
Book 12 Dark Melody
Book 13 Dark Destiny
Book 14 Dark Hunger
Book 15 Dark Secret
Book 16 Dark Demon
Book 17 Dark Celebration
Book 18 Dark Possession
Book 19 Dark Curse
Book 20 Dark Slayer
Book 21 Dark Peril
Book 22 Dark Predator
Book 23 Dark Storm
Book 24: Dark Lycan
Book 25: Dark Wolf
Book 26: Dark Blood

The Dark Series, Book 24
ISBN # 9780425268339
September 3, 2013
Berkley Hardcover
400 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

After centuries encased in ice, Tatijana is free to explore the human world and discover the mysteries within. The world is far more dangerous than even she imagined. Predators stalk her every move and secrets threaten her and those she loves.

Fenris Dalka is back in the Carpathian Mountains and intrigued by the beautiful woman he discovers quite by accident. Drawn to her innocence, he will come to need her more than any other. A fierce desire to protect her from common enemies is as powerful as the passion stirring in their souls.

An ancient evil stirs in the mountains. As Tatijana and Fenris unite, they become targets of a malevolent force that has waited to strike. Together they will overcome the odds and put aside centuries of strife to embrace love.

I highly recommend picking up the other Carpathian novels if readers wish to follow along in Ms. Feehan's complex and carefully crafted Dark Series world. The story itself has a flair for the heavily dramatic. That said, the characters are full bodied and exciting though the idea of a relationship between a wolf and a dragon seems a tad unbalanced. A tale for the romantic at heart and a welcome read for lovers of the long standing Dark Series.

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