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The Western Wind Series
Book 1: Wynd River Sinner
Book 2: Reaper’s Revenge
Book 3: Prime Reaper
Book 4: Tears of the Reaper
Book 5: Her Reaper’s Arms
Book 6: My Reaper’s Daughter
Book 7: Black Moon Reaper
Book 8: Reaper’s Justice
Book 9: Dark Reaper

The Western Wind series, book 9
ISBN# 9781419943508
January 18, 2013
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Paranormal erotic romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When the youngest Reaper, Iden Belial checks his territories, he finds mass death and destruction along the way. His journey brings him to the coastal town, Land’s End. There he finds some of the last survivors and an unexpected surprise, his mate, Kallista. She is the one the Goddess made specifically for him and he will do anything to keep her safe. Unfortunately the demon, Nikkeson destroys Land’s End, separating him from Kallista and leaving a seed of evil within Iden that warps him.

The High Lord Kheelan is a powerful Shadowlord accustomed to making decisions for the good of his people. Everyone fears him and his volatile temper--except Annie McDermott. She irritates and bothers him. Although he fights his growing need, he knows she is his mate and the only one for him. She wants him just as much but she does not want to marry ever again. Can they work through their differences or will their tempers keep them apart?

Terra is under attack by great evil. Many of the citizens have disappeared without a trace and others have been brutally slain by the otherworldly demon, Nikkeson. Now the Reapers and Shadowlords must push their powers to the limit to rid Iden’s body of evil. They will need every able bodied Reaper to go to war against their enemy. But without his mate, Iden may not have the strength to rid his body of the malevolent creature.

This plot and the characters really drew me into the story. I always enjoy the ultimate good versus evil storyline. There are many little details that enhance the overlying story. I adored the “one mate for life” love story for the Reapers and Shadowlords. The gods as well as the good guys are imperfect and flawed but they are also decent and honorable, which makes great heroes. As I got to know the varying characters I came to like them all. I plan to pick up the previous books and eagerly look forward to reading the next story in this series.

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