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Rachel Matre Series
Book One: Night Tides
Book Two: Dark Waters

Sequel to Night Tides
ISBN: 9780553592986-Paperback/ 9780553907995-eBook
December 2010
Bantam Dell, a division of Random House, Inc.
Print/ eBook
$7.99-USA/ $8.99-CAN
304 Pages
Erotica; Fantasy; Contemporary; Thriller; Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Rachel Matre owns a diner in Wisconsin. After closing time, the mystical lake calls to her and as she slips into the luscious water, it enraptures her and fills her with the passion she so desperately desires.

Ethan Walker knows the real secret of why Rachel visits the lake. But after she asked him for space, he has given Rachel what she wants although it goes against everything he believes in.

While struggling with everything that has happened between her, Ethan, and the past that brought them together, Rachel comes across a new entity. This one is dangerous, leaving her aching with desire that no one but this mysterious man can quench. But if she is to let this being become intimate like the lake spirits and Ethan have, it could mean the end for many. How can Ethan help stop a thing that is not quite human, has his ex-lover in his thrall, and oozes desire to the nth degree?

Dark Waters was an interesting and intriguing tale to say the least. I found the subject matter unique, full of thrilling moments and passionate liaisons, and the fantastic world of Rachel and Ethan to be enhanced with the paranormal activity that surrounded them. Alex Prentiss uses the supernatural world to spin a story full of unbelievable characters, distinctive plots, and steamy sex. While this is part of a series and it would benefit the reader to peruse the first tale about Rachel Matre, this novel could be understood without reading the first book. I think it will definitely be quite a while before I read anything quite like this book, and it will stick in my mind as quite memorable.

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