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ISBN# 9781595788146
March 2011
Liquid Silver Books
E Book
45 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

What do you do when death comes calling? You say no thanks and invite the sexy minion to dinner.

What do you do with a woman who invites death to dinner and teaches him to play the Wii? Why, you date her of course.

Little does Mictain know, there is more to Marigold than either knows. Now he has Satan and a father of an unknown species breathing down his neck. Despite the pressure, he finds he is unable to walk away.

Who could resist a sizzling hot romance with Satan popping in to offer dating advice? Date With Death is a riot of epic proportions. Every page will shock, surprise, and make you laugh out loud. Ms. Langlais’s talented voice shines brightly with every word. I must tell you a Date with Death is nothing to fear and highly recommended.

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