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ISBN#: 9781419994524
November 2015
Ellora’s Cave
43 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dawn is an administrative assistant for Morrow Technologies that is owned by the man who stars in her fantasies, the uber hot, wealthy, and hard-working Ethan Morrow. She has an appalling track record when it comes to dating, and agrees to go to this “Blind Date” event that her friend recommended, and where the participants literally date in the dark. At first it seems like it will be a bust as her date likes cats ... lots of cats....

However, she is saved by an intriguing stranger, Jay, who gives her the most exciting sexual experience she has ever had. She has never done anything like that before, and readily agrees to see him for date number two. The next day Ethan, her boss, asks her on a date to see the ballet and oddly, she turns him down in favor of seeing her mystery guy, Jay. When she and Jay meet up again things turn quickly into another intense, passionate, and hot encounter.

She finds herself in a sticky situation, on one hand her boss, the one she has secretly crushed on for so long, is starting to notice her. On the other, she has an explosive chemistry with Jay, whom she has had only two dates with so far. Which man will she choose? Will she take the chance and pick Ethan, her long-time crush, or J, and ignore her qualms about having yet to see him face to face because they have an explosive chemistry together? She will have to choose soon, because her next date with Jay is their last and when the lights come on all will be revealed.

This is a quick, sexy read. In a lot of shorter stories the author does not always get the pacing right, but this author definitely did with this one. I liked how the author took advantage of the fact that when one sense is gone the others are heightened when she described Dawn’s experiences with Jay. This was a riveting read that was short, steamy, got right to the point, and ended on a great note reminding the reader that fantasies can come true.

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