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1 February 2012
Amazon Kindle
146 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Mary Alyce Hythe will have her inheritance in a few months, so no longer have to depend on anyone. When her cottage burns down, she is positive someone wants her dead.

Lord Julian Casvelyn has never been the impulsive type until he encounters Alyce. It has been eight years since his brother’s death, and seeing the medallion she wears, he is pressed to undercover the truth.

Alyce fears for her life. After escaping from the burnt down cottage, someone tries to kill her at the inn in which she stays for the night. Luckily, a gentleman arrives in time to save her. Alyce wants to find a way to uncover the truth about her father’s death, but someone wants to silence her. Following her rescue, Julian notices the medallion around her neck. After he learns her father was the spy who harmed his brother, he feels anger and regret. As he accompanies her on her journey, he desperately needs answers. Does Alyce know more than she reveals? He does not wish to be the fool. Since circumstances have brought them together, are they destined to destroy one another or to be split apart?

I positively enjoy Daughter of Deceit. Ms. Haynes spins a tale that scoops up the readers and transports them into action, romance and intrigue. There is so much more that makes this story spectacular. It is filled with deception, treachery, romance, intense drama, and detailed characters that pull in the reader from beginning to end. The secondary players add great finesse to the storyline. I have to admit it is very hard to put this book down. Ms. Haynes creates an enthralling read immersed in anticipation that continues to build, leaving this reader spellbound.

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