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ISBN# 978-1-60737-524-1
February 2010
Loose ID, LLC
136 pages
Paranormal Shape-shifter Ménage
Rating : 5 cups

Super soldiers, the four men who underwent genetic manipulation are now left both psychically gifted and animalistic in their needs. Formerly working as Navy SEALS, they are now part of a project called Dawn Endeavor on behalf of the United States government.

Jesse Fallon, telepath for the group, finds himself driven to possess the latest addition to the team. Olivia Lynn has been brought in as an interpreter, and Fallon finds he cannot read her mind, but her body is speaking volumes. Fallon, driven by the Circ nature to seek satisfaction that no human woman can fulfill, finds that Olivia is the exception to this rule. If he does not solve the mystery of this one woman, the mission will fail and worse, he’ll lose his chance at love with the one person who can accept all of him, even the animal.

A thrill ride from the start, this story takes unexpected twists and turns that leave the reader panting to keep up. The heat in this book will leave you glancing nervously around with a flushed face and a grin. From Olivia’s response to Fallon, to the very well-written scenes with the rest of the team, this tale of political intrigue and detailed sex made me look forward to the rest of the series with bated, if slightly uneven, breath.

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