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ISBN #: 9781419922305
April 2010
Cerridwen Press
151 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Leah is an artist. She is thirty-four but looks much younger. She is also a strong psychic and has never quite fit in partially because of her isolated childhood and partially because of her talent. Lately, she has felt someone watching her.

Savvas is a Guardian, changed by the Ailyns centuries ago. He and his brother are the oldest of the Guardians and have seen many changes. Leah fascinates him and not just because of her heritage.

Leah’s father was a Guardian like Savvas and was lost to them years ago. Guardians are not supposed to be able to father children, making the beautiful Leah somewhat of a miracle. She is very powerful and the Dark Ones and Seekers are after her. Savvas takes a personal interest in protecting her; sometimes too personal since he is immortal and she is not, though what she is no one is quite sure.

I found it very hard to put this book down. Leah is a spunky heroine forced to face things no one should have to from the first chapter. Her relationship with Savvas is a bit problematical. His principals and his brother’s orders make it impossible for them to have a normal relationship. The Dark Ones and their Seekers add excitement to the tale. The author does a great job in building her alternate world and introducing us to the inhabitants and their customs. The Guardians one and all are very compelling characters and hopefully there will be more stories about them.

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