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The Mindhunters Series
Book 1: Waking Nightmare
Book 2: Waking Evil
Book 3: Waking the Dead
Book 4: Deadly Intent
Book 5: Deadly Dreams

Mindhunters Series, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-425-23853-0
November 2010
Berkley Sensation
375 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

All pretense of cool goes completely out the window for Macy Reid when she discovers that her partner for this assignment is the only man who has ever gotten under her skin. That night was a huge mistake on her part, but one that her body seems more than willing to repeat.

Six months and Kellan Burke is stilling feeling the affects of one night with Macy, and that is something that has never happened to him with any woman. She walked away without so much as a second glance, but this time he intends to change up the ending.

Nothing breaks the heart more than to watch a parent’s agony over the loss of a child, but to know that this is the second abduction of eleven-year old Ellie is almost incomprehensible. Adam Raiker brought the girl home the first time, and with his team of experts, he hopes to do so again. Macy is a top-notch forensic linguist, and Kell an expert investigator, but with so much on the line, and their hearts being thrown into the mix anything can happen. Kell and Macy are up against the most literal of deadlines during one of the worst winter storms in decades, but that will not stop their search or the fire that burns in their hearts.

Chills will race through your body at the cruelty and terror heaped upon one innocent child, but this little girl has more guts than the adults in her life, and her story makes this read worth every minute. I also really enjoy how Macy and Kell maintain complete professionalism, and do not allow their feelings to get in the way of doing their job. This may be labeled a romantic suspense, but the romance is just a side-note to a fantastic spine-tingling novel. I certainly hope this storyline continues to play out, because there is so much more going on with Adam, Kell, and Macy, they cannot possibly be done yet.

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