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Book Three of the Deadly Series
ISBN: 9780446559256/ 9780446574082
March 2011
Grand Central Publishing, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, Inc.
Print/ eBook
$7.99-USA/ $8.99-CAN
400 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Samantha Kennedy is a FBI Agent who knows what it is like to be a victim. She lives every day with the nightmarish memories given to her by the serial killer who kidnapped her.

Max Ridgeway cannot believe his good luck when he meets a mysteriously beautiful woman who gives him a night of passion unlike anything he has felt before. But when she leaves the next morning without even a goodbye, Max knows he has to find her again.

Seeing Max again has Samantha’s body screaming for another intense release that only he can give her. But he wants more than just a night of sex with a stranger. Determined to get more out of her than that, Max makes her crave more, hoping it will bring her back to him once again. He is stunned when he not only sees her once again, but it is during a time when his life is in turmoil. His stepbrother has been kidnapped by a vicious killer, and Samantha is the agent involved with the case. Can Max and Samantha put all other obstacles to the side and work together to get his stepbrother back safe and sound?

Deadly Lies is a tale full of twists, turns, and passionate encounters that will leave you gripping the pages as you feel the intensity of the drama unfolding before you. Ms. Eden has a way of writing that has me feeling as if I have fallen into the novel and that I am the one living the suspense, drama, adventure, and passion the characters are experiencing. I loved how Samantha’s debatable strength was tested time and again and how she answered the question of whether she was strong enough to stay an agent after all that had happened to her. On top of that, Max’s character comes across as an alpha male who dominates in the bedroom by not only using his touch but his words as well. What a yummy and suspenseful novel this turned out to be!

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