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ISBN: (10)1420101714/ (13)9781420101713
February 2010
Zebra Books, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$6.99 USA/ $8.99 CAN
352 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Erin Houston works at the psychiatric research division in Virginia. Her specialty is hypnosis, something the CIA has found useful in the past.

Max “Hades” Duncan worked for the CIA until two years ago, when he was captured. Ever since, he has been undergoing mind control experiments where his daily routine is to be controlled and tortured.

When Erin hears that two patients had been picked up from a scientific lab overseas, she is ready to help in any way she can. Every thought, memory, and action seems to bring about blinding pain for Max as he tries to keep tabs and his surroundings. Whenever Erin is near he can control the pain and sickness enough to think clearly, which may just keep him sane and whole. But someone is out to stop them from revealing the truth--that someone very close to them is out for their blood.

Deadly Seduction by Ms. Noble is action packed as well as a sexy, suspenseful novel. The only problem I have with this story is the fact that I felt out of the loop. There is so much going on within the first half of the novel that I just could not comprehend or understand the linguistics or the plot. I felt I was just dropped halfway through the tale and expected to understand exactly what was going on. As the book started to smooth out towards the middle and Erin and Max began their race to find the truth, I began to grasp the outline better making this a much more enjoyable story.

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