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Dead Man's Series
Book 1 - Dead Man's Lament
Book 2 - Dead Man's Fury

Deadman's Series Book 2
August 10, 2014
Wolfpack Publishing
370 Pages
historical, western, action-adventure
Rating: 4 cups

Sheriff Matthew Wilcox is enjoying his life with his wife Iris and children, and that disaster with Top Hat is in the past. However, another serious problem has come about Iris's niece, Amelia, who has been abducted.

Setting off with his men to find Amelia they are not sure where to start but hope she can be found quickly. They soon find out that Amelia is only one of hundreds of women kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.

These corrupt men are not going down without a fight and the best way for them to win is eliminate Matthew and anyone close to him - whether they be family or friend. So the fight is on. Can the good guys once again prevail, or have they met their match?

What another exciting read. Good guys and bad guys are at it again. A great cast of characters with much background given on how even the worse criminal managed to get to that point in their life. If you are a fan of westerns and action, then The Deadman's Series will not disappoint.

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