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Dead Man's Series
Book 1 - Dead Man's Lament
Book 2 - Dead Man's Fury

Dead Man's Series Book 1
August 1, 2014- reissued
Wolfpack Publishing
374 Pages
historical, western, action-adventure
Rating: 4 cups

Matthew Wilcox is a young boy leading a normal life in 1872 in the Washington Territory. However, all that changes when a series of tragic events leave him an orphan at the mercy of some nasty outlaws. Barely surviving, Matthew seeks revenge someday.

Years later, Matthew just may get his chance as he is now sheriff of Spokane County. He finds that the man once called Top Hat who made his life a living hell is running with a new group of bandits under a different name and he intends to bring him down.

With Top Hat trying to destroy the town and the people Matthew cares about, Matthew must find a way to stop this crazy man. More innocent people have been killed than need be in the lunatic's crazy plan. Matthew needs to finally reach within to all he has buried inside to stop this man.

What a great cast of some disgusting pieces of slime, to great upstanding people, have been orchestrated to tell this story. Sadly, although fiction, I am sure there were many horror tales like this all across the country at this time. I really enjoyed the fact that you really are not sure what is going to happen just around the corner which adds a bit of a surprise element. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the Dead Man's Series.

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