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Messenger Novels
Book 1: Don’t Kill the Messenger
Book 2: Dead on Delivery

A Messenger Novel
ISBN: 9780425238783
March 2011
Berkley Sensation, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
$15.00-USA/ $18.50-CAN
309 Pages
Urban Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Melina Markowitz has never had second thoughts about what she delivered to the paranormal beings. Once an item was in her hands, she knew there would be horrible consequences if it was not delivered to the rightful place.

Ted Goodnight is Melina’s boyfriend as well as a cop. When the murder of an ex-con is linked to Melina, he wants to protect her but does not know how he can when she holds her emotions so far from him.

Melina knows that if Ted ever finds out that not one but two young men who have had items delivered to them by her were murdered, she would never get Ted off of her back. Trying to keep his suspicion at bay, Melina goes about investigating the murders Markowitz style. It does not take long before Melina finds herself tailed not only by her sexy boyfriend but a suspicious sheriff, a mysterious woman, and a gang of masked men determined to stop her at any cost. On top of everything else that is already going on, Melina must find time to run her dojo, help her apprentice, and figure out why her roommate is acting so strangely. Melina has to ask herself if life could get any more complicated. She should not have asked.

Dead on Delivery is an unusual tale full of twists, turns, and interesting characters. I love how Ms. Rendahl describes the way others see Melina as this simple “girl” and then goes about giving us a bird’s eye view of what she can really do. The many different characters that are intertwined within this novel helps it become richer and more vibrant as everyone fights for justice for the men who were murdered. Add in the magic, danger, and tainted evil and this is one story you will be happy to pick up and read.

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