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ASIN: B004D4Y5Y6
Nov 2010
Self Published
193 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassie Taylor’s job is unconventional. She is a gifted medium who helps earth-bound spirits, those tethered to their pasts, move onward to embrace their destiny. She is a lonely person, often ostracized or ridiculed because of her odd abilities. Her best, most loyal friend is a ghost named Joe.

Luke Rivers is a wealthy, famous songwriter whose new home, built over a century and a half ago, is haunted. Luke has a ten-year-old daughter who recently was court-ordered into his custody. Erin misses her mother, resents her father, and is very unsettled and unhappy. The last thing Luke needs is an angry, distraught ghost causing more conflict.

Luke and Cassie are two people who seem like total opposites but are inexplicably drawn to each other. Although both resist their feelings for Erin’s sake, each carries a lot of baggage; an uncomplicated fling seems impossible. The ghost, Isabel, is turning out to be a challenge because she is, unexpectedly, stubbornly, determined to remain. As Cassie struggles with Isabel, so too, she finds herself fighting to retain her normally cool, professional, and detached facade as she teeters on the brink of falling in love with the double heartbreakers, Erin and Luke.

I have never had the pleasure of reading a book quite like this one. The concept is delivered in a delightful manner that is fun and made totally believable. I found all the characters interesting. They are flawed but most are still quite substantive. Joe, Cassie’s ghostly sidekick is valiant and loyal. Erin is a sad, conflicted waif trying to find her way in a maelstrom of emotions that many adults would find daunting, yet she perseveres. Erin’s loyalties are misguided but so recognizable and heart-rending. And have I mentioned the ghosts? The way in which this author portrays these ethereal beings, giving them life, is nothing short of wondrous!

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