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ISBN# (10): 1446188787/ (13): 978-1446188781
November 2010
172 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Rebecca Eudeia Odescalchi has not been having a good time. After a bad episode in her life, she confides to her good friend, Isabel, through letters. When she opts to take a cruise to Egypt, she meets a man like no other.

André François de la Croix is thrilled when he encounters Rebecca. She is everything that he has been searching for in his life.

Rebecca does not know what she would do without good friend, Isabel. She relates to Isabel in many ways, and they can share many ideas and values. Isabel believes that Rebecca needs a change in her life, so Rebecca decides to accept Isabel’s advice and do something different. Things come more into prospective, for her, when she meets André. She has never met anyone so much like a gentleman. The more time André spends with Rebecca and learns about her life growing up; he realizes that he and Rebecca have so much in common. She is like his true soul mate and is sensitive and compassionate. After being in a world where people have been rude and unfeeling to her, has she finally found the one person that can take away all her past hurt?

I found Dear Isabel to be a page-turner. I like the way Maria Beatrice Panico opens up and tells the reader the inner feelings that occur within Rebecca’s life, through her letters to Isabel. With the story, transpired in the way of a letter, it held more vigor and meaning. I love when writers pour out their heart through words by form of a letter, sharing their deep thoughts. I found it quite captivating and alluring in many ways. I thought this was an extraordinary story that carried much devotion, as if delivered straight to me from the heart.

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