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Zombie Series

Book 1: Dearly, Departed
Book 2: Dearly, Beloved

Zombie Series: Book 2
ISBN#: 9780345523341/9780345523365
July 10, 2012
DelRey Books
496 Pages
Juvenile Paranormal/Steampunk Victoriana
Rating: 4 Cups

Nora Dearly is not your typical debutante. Instead of obsessing over clothes and parties, she worries about relations between the living residents of New London, and the Zombies who share their city. Besides, she has no need to try and catch the eye of an acceptable young man. Nora has a boyfriend, Bram just happens to be dead.

Bram Griswold is no longer a part of Company Z, or tasked with the secret government eradication of violent Zombies. In fact, the government has disbanded Bram’s unit in a bid to reassure the public that they have nothing to fear from the undead. Unfortunately, not all Zombies are peaceful. Some are downright crazed, especially those who call themselves the Changed, a faction bent on destroying the living.

Nora, Bram, and their friends must unwind the layers of misinformation and prejudice before it is too late to save the residents of New London both living and dead. With a new strain of the “Laz” virus on the loose, Nora’s father Dr. Dearly has his hands full trying to find a new cure. Unfortunately for Nora, her status as a Zombie supporter makes her a prime target for a group of extremists. It falls to Bram and the former members of Company Z to ferret out the truth before New London is tipped over into the apocalypse.

Dearly, Beloved is the sequel to Lia Habel’s Dearly, Departed, and I would highly recommend starting at the beginning of this series to gain a full appreciation for its unique flavor. The highly charged world of New London is a fascinating mingling of Steampunk and Victoriana. Modern themes such as prejudice, classism, and terrorism are painted against a backdrop that is both futuristic and quaint. With a fast paced plot and memorable characters, readers will clamor for more of Habel’s Zombie tales.

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