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Tommi Poag Mysteries

Book 1: A Stroke of Misfortune
Book 2: When Push Comes to Death
Book 3: Death on Disaster Day
Book 4: Death at Play

Book 3 of the Tommi Poag Mystery Series
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-26768-2
September 2011
Worldwide Library
250 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Good friends are precious to Tommi Poag, and she is always willing to lend a helping hand when they need her. This favor, however, has turned into a nightmare that never seems to end.

No one is more stunned that he has been arrested for murder than Bernard Poag himself. He is a well-known and respected lawyer, but that means nothing in the face of evidence.

Of all the people to be brought up on murder charges, Tommi would never have imagined it to be Bernard. A good friend has been killed, and her ex is the prime suspect, but Tommi has no doubt he is being framed. She may not be able to stand the man she used to be married to, but when his current wife begs for her help, Tommi does not refuse. Something very deadly and dangerous is going on, and the deeper Tommi delves the closer it gets to her own front door.

Tommi Poag is an interesting mix of middle aged matron and accidental investigator. In my opinion it feels as if she is dragged into these situations more by guilt than a real desire to uncover the truth. The path Tommi takes to find the killer is well done with just enough dead ends to keep you guessing. I would like to see Tommi’s character be a bit more positive and proactive, and really embrace her abilities.

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