Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-307-45874-2
February 26, 2010
Water Brook Press
363 Pages
Fiction / Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

The young girls who left home so many years ago for a monumental voyage to America have grown into strong beautiful women as different in their lifestyles as in their personalities. Tora Anders, Elsa Ramstad, and Kaatja Janssen have gone their separate ways, but in the months to come will rely on each other more than they ever thought possible.

These women have left a great impact on many people’s lives, but most especially for Karl Martensen, Trent Storm, and Peder Ramstad. Peder married the love of his life Elsa, but Karl and Trent have yet to find that special someone God has in mind for them.

Trent and Tora have had a tumultuous relationship for some time, but Trent wants more, and it breaks his heart to not trust Tora enough to take the next step. Tora goes from the top of the world to crawling through the muck in just a few short weeks after Trent turns his back on her. It is up to her and God to determine if she can pull herself out of despair. Elsa too suffers a devastating loss, and turns to her long time friends Kaatje and Karl for comfort and support. While Kaatje helps Elsa mourn, she too is facing a crossroads, as is Karl; for Karl it is finding his way back to God. For Kaatje, it will be putting her marriage in perspective and finally moving on.

The test of faith, love, and friendship is never more evident than at times of devastating loss and hardship. The three women, as well as Karl, are put through the ultimate trials and with the grace of God may find peace in the end. This novel is not so much a completion of their stories, but a beginning of a new life for each of them. A feeling of hope pervades throughout this book, and it is a joy to experience and share this with other readers.

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