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ISBN#: 9781449581684/9781449581688
January 2010
Moongypsy Press
83 Pages
Paranormal Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Fernando is a vampire on a mission. He wants to solve the mystery regarding the dragon stone. Unfortunately, that has put him on the wrong end of the vampire council and the only way for him now is to go rogue.

Daphne is human and a witch, or is she? As far as she knows she is. She works in a bookstore and has a great love for books and reading.

When the vampire council sends two hunters after him, Fernando has no time left. He is certain that Daphne is the key to understanding the dragon stone and its purpose, so he kidnaps her and takes her on a wild ride into the Canadian wilderness. But the hunters are not far behind, and they have been charged with killing Fernando and bringing his head back to the council. They are also supposed to protect and save Daphne who they believe is human. Is Fernando right about Daphne? Is she the key to the dragon stone?

Deep Water Legends sucked me in from page one. You can feel Fernando’s desperation, as well as, his deep-seated need to solve this particular mystery, even if it costs him is life. Daphne is confused and has no idea what is really going on and that comes through clearly to the reader. I liked how the author shows the hunters beginning to catch on to how they have been duped by the vampire council, and that Fernando may be onto something with his quest. Ms. McLeod has a real gift for leading the reader on with clues and keeping you glued to the pages. I simply could not put this story down until I had read the very last page. I will definitely be reading more books by this author, and I highly recommend everyone read Deep Water Legends.

Coffee Time Romance & More




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