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Texas Temptations
Book 1 - Conquering India
Book 2 - Delilah's Downfall

Texas Temptations, Book 2
ISBN: 1-60601-985-6
November 2010
Siren Publishing
131 Pages
Interracial, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Rating: 4 Cups

The sense of homecoming comes as a bit of a surprise for Delilah Gonzales, considering how much she has enjoyed city life. She loved working in fast paced high-end restaurants, but the thought of good old home cooking is a change of pace she is more than ready for.

Seeing the new cook step out of her SUV has Mason Bartlett’s blood pressure soaring, and not only in a good way. His brothers Shane, Justin, and Jessie will never be able to keep their hands off of her long enough to get any work done, and he is not too sure he can either.

Delilah is nearly incoherent with lust when she lays eyes on not one but four of the most delectable men she has ever come across, and that is so not a good thing. She gave up pretty much everything to come and work on the Bartlett ranch, and the last thing she needs is to screw that up, literally. The Bartlett men have shared women before, but no one has come close to capturing their hearts like Delilah. They are fairly certain with their reputation that they do not deserve someone as sweet and caring as Delilah, but losing her is a pain they cannot even bear to imagine.

If you think cowboys are hot, why not try them times four? These guys are pure eye candy, and have hearts just as sweet, unless you get between them and Delilah. She matches them word for word, and touch for touch, but always with honesty and feeling. Taking on these four men seems like an unbelievable feat, but it is guaranteed to heat you up faster than any West Texas summer.

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