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A Reaper's Love
Delivered into His Hands

Part of the WindWorld Series
ISBN#: 9781419991523
20th June 2014
Ellora's Cave
195 pages
Shapeshifter, Vampire Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Antonia, has always known she would never want any physical contact with a man until she met her life-mate. So why did he have to be the son of her enemy? Her world's enemy? And how could she love him and stay loyal to her people?

Garrick knew he was lost to Antonia from the moment she saved him. But the shadow of her childhood suitor Alyxdair is always lurking, even if she knows Garrick is the only one to see the danger.

Innocence and jealousy can be an explosive combination. Add the deceptions of Alyxdair and things can go wrong. But the pull of a life-mate cannot be stopped for ever, and lies have a way of coming undone.

Garrick and Antonia are both immensely strong characters, who can either compliment or clash, and the author uses both to great advantage. Backing them up with diverse secondary characters and enough sex appeal to have you begging for more. Delivered into his Hands is a standalone book, which is part of the WindWorld Series.

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