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ISBN #: 978-0-9867225-8-5
November 2010
Evernight Publishing
74 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Noel is not a fan of Christmas as his bad luck seems to worsen during the holiday season. This year he is determined to overcome his melancholy and embrace the festiveness of the season.

Natala has been imprisoned inside a Christmas light for a long time and even before that, she and her family have been enslaved by demons. She is free and while she is enjoying her liberty she cannot stop worrying about her family and the villain who is responsible for confining them.

When Noel joins in on the yuletide spirit and decorates this year, a special string of lights do more than illuminate his Christmas tree. Before he can adjust his eyesight to the shiny bulbs, one explodes and he finds himself with an unexpected visitor -- or two. Now he's helping Natala adjust to freedom in the human world and to vanquish a powerful demon. Perhaps while bonding over their adventure, the two can work towards a happy future together.

Yolanda Sfetsos warms up the holidays with this strange and somber paranormal tale. This is not your usual holiday fare full of sugary sweetness and Christmas cheer, but if you are looking for something a little different, then Noel and Natala's story is a good treat. Noel seems more sidekick material than leading man, he is dispirited and dejected and definitely not a take charge kind-of-guy, but it seems to work and considering Natala is real go-getter they balance each other out. I enjoyed the premise of this story and the new world I was introduced to, I'm looking forward to more adventures, perhaps with some of Natala's family. This was an unexpectedly, abnormal story that I found to be unconventional, yet instead of leaving me heavy-hearted, I was hopeful and happy.

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