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ISBN: 9781607352433
February 2011
Resplendence publishing
104 Pages
Paranormal; Fantasy; Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tangela Teshua has only her best friend, Daniel, left after both of her parents died. While moving into her family home in the country, he started acting weird and spouting off crazy things about angels and demons.

Andras Belial is Satan’s second son and a demon. His object is to locate Tangela and destroy her goodness any way he can.

Andras has always considered himself to be in top form when it came to performing his duties as a servant of Satan. Then something dreadful happened…he started FEELING. Now he must not only find and destroy Tangela, but he must also find some way to fight the emotions of goodness that have somehow entered his evil soul. As his yearnings for Tangela change from murderous intent to love, he will have to find a way to save the beautiful angel even if it means sacrificing himself to Satan.

Demon’s Fall is a great novel full of danger, love, opposition, passion, and forbidden love. I think the way Ms. Jackson has a message in the novel about forgiveness and truth is brilliantly done. The suffering that Andras has at his father’s hands and his inner struggle add dimension to this already enticing book. One part of this story is almost too graphic in detailing a sexual assault, and it had me cringing. If you are looking for a novel full of hearts and romance this is most definitely NOT the tale for you as a demon fights himself as well as Hell for the love of one good woman.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of blood and gore that some might be sensitive toward.

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