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The Egyptian Series
Book 1: River God
Book 2: The Seventh Scroll
Book 3: Warlock
Book 4: The Quest
Book 5: Desert God

The Egyptian Series, Book 5
ISBN#: 9780062276575
July 25, 2015
William Morrow
$9.99 US / $12.50 CAN
583 Pages
Fiction, Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

As adviser to Pharaoh, Taita is far removed from his humble beginnings. His energy and brilliance knows no bounds, nor does his allegiance to his very Egypt.

Sisters Tehuti and Bekatha are reaching the age where their brother Pharaoh must use them to solidify relations with other nations. Gone will be the carefree extravagance of youth, as they become payment in a war which gets closer every day.

The thought of losing his beloved princesses is heartbreaking to Taita, even though everything he has taught them over the years has been to ready them for this day. With his intelligence and influence Taita is incredibly fortunate, but it is going to take more than that to keep his country and his princesses safe. The reality that the Hyksos will invade and destroy their very Egypt can be ignored no longer. If he has any hope of success, he is going to have to rely on a power he often cannot tell if it is real or imagined.

Taita is a man of incredible talents, intelligence, and expertise, whose deep and abiding devotion to his country is unrivaled. He willingly goes to great lengths to see Egypt succeed, even risking the love of his beautiful princesses. There is a larger than life quality to everything about Taita, but his story is every bit as exciting as the man himself.

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