Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 1619265400
April 2012
Siren Publishing
189 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Haley caught her best-friend and fiancé in bed together. While her revenge was effective, she got caught in the blowback. Making a huge change in her life, this celebrity designer has moved to the Carolinas to rebuild her life. Haley has been successful in avoiding men, but after meeting Michael, she has to work hard to hide her attraction to him.

Michael met Haley at a gym and used any opportunity to talk to her. Starting out as friends, he has put forth considerable effort to get them to be more involved. If not totally honest, Michael acts in what he feels is Haley’s best interest.

Doing something for another’s “own good” seldom works. When it happens to Michael, instead of his doing this to Haley, his reaction is explosive and may be more than their relationship can handle.

I like that Haley had a real reason to be sad and reserved. She had enjoyed her old life, and the “pity” angle made her character more empathic. It also stopped her from being too perfect and instead, she is so very relatable. Michael has his good moments, okay he has great moments, but is also a bit hypocritical, but this helps him seem real. On to the sex; yeah baby, not terribly graphic, but really good. The dialogue is great and support characters are wonderful. They complement Michael and serve to frame the changes in Haley’s life. This has to be one of the best “re-bound” romances I have read. Go buy Designs On Haley today.

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