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ISBN#: 9781603106184
April 2011
Red Sage
329 Pages
Erotic Romantic Suspense
Rating: 2 Cups

Sarah Wright-Rosen knows that her boss did not drink herself into oblivion and drown in a jet skiing accident. As she tries to dig for the truth, her life spins chaotically out of control.

Dan is Sarah’s husband and they have been trying for what seems forever to create that special bundle of joy. As his place of employment begins to crumble around him, an unexpected surprise creates havoc at home.

Isabel Ramirez loves sex and she gets it wherever she can. When she finds out about some secrets that her husband has been keeping from her, Izzy decides it is time to show him who the real boss of their home is.

Sarah thinks she cannot take any more stress than what she already has surrounding her. Between the mysterious phone calls, the written threats, and a coworker who has suddenly gone off of her rocker, she is ready to dig a hole and hide in it. Then along comes her husband Dan with an even bigger problem and Sarah suddenly finds herself playing the part of protector. Meanwhile, Isabel continues to uncover a world of secrets that has her questioning everything and everyone she has ever believed in. Will Sarah and Dan be able to straighten out their lives and get what they desire most? Will Isabel get the justice she feels she deserves?

Desire and Deception is a tale full of many different tales. At times it felt like it was spiraling out of control. I could not always grasp the many different events and obstacles that were affecting the main characters. On top of that, Sarah is supposed to be this smart woman doctor but she comes across as very naïve and quite clueless at times. There are many important issues that are touched upon throughout this novel but are not really resolved. While Ms. Buchbinder knows how to entice the reader with sexy scenes, the overall storyline made this hard for me to enjoy.

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